Dunder is really not your every day Casino, launched back in 2006 by two veteran Swedes it really took the market by storm and is still going strong. Hosted on GiGs platform they could really focus on providing real value to their customers instead of spending time on tech bits. This has lead them to be a premier Online Casino with solid promotions and good customer support together with excellent payment options.


Get the Dunder Bonus
$600 +
200 bonus spins

This is not the only bonus you can count on if you continue playing with Dunder in our experience, they take really good care of their customers.

More about Dunder Casino

The graphics on the Dunder screen has as far as we know never changed since they launched, this we think it’s quite unique for a Brand this old. But also proves to show how really good they did it from the start.

4.8 rating
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